June of 2023 my dear friend Chip and I arrived at the Mozambique airport in the city of Biera. We were greeted by Gavin and his staff all eager to get started on our safari. As we entered the airport the staff quickly identified us, came for our passports and escorted us to the front of the customs line. An unexpected welcome after 35 hours of travel we were grateful. We quickly cleared customs ad left for the office which was a short walk. We chatted over a cold Castle Light about our luggage that was left by the airlines in Dallas, TX. Gavin assured us that when it arrived he would have it delivered to us in camp. I had packed hunting clothes in my carry-on bag. I had no immediate need for my suitcase.

Chip had come to catch a Leopard. I was along for moral support with the intention of shooting anything that its ears wiggled. After a 5 hour car ride past rural African villages we arrived in Muanza Camp deep in the jungle of Mozambique. It was very comfortable jungle camp, rooms with thatched roofs, concrete floors, hot and cold running water, a giant dinning-living room-bar area stocked well with Castle Light bottles. There was staff everywhere lots of help maybe 15 to 20 permanent camp workers. We were introduced to the camp boss and PH Philip. Over the next two weeks I would follow Philip around like a puppy dog soaking up his hunting knowledge and learning about the local culture. Since there was no need to unpack we dove into the beer, told a few lies, ate dinner and went to bed. After a good night of much needed sleep we woke to breakfast.

Day two was filled with making plans to catch a Leopard, hoping our luggage arrived, shoot the guns provided by Gavin familiarize ourselves with his guns, shoot a few rounds at the range, mostly so the guides could feel safe handing us a loaded rifle. We had a nice lunch in camp and drove around admiring the wildlife and hearing how the Professional Hunters had the hunt planned. Later in the day we were assured our bags had arrived and were in the hands of the staff in Beira. We were assured they would be delivered the next day. Chip would be hunting his Leopard out of the Muanza Camp with Gavin, I would continue into the jungle and hunt with Philip in a remote camp some 50 kilometers away. We would leave for the remote camp after our bags were delivered the next day.

Over the next two weeks we were treated like royalty. We saw plenty of free ranging game, shared good stories and told a few lies. The staff was well organized, everything was well thought out, the accommodations were 1st class and the food was excellent.

Chip caught up with a Leopard on day 6 despite a little rainy weather. I shot lots of the small antelope, Red Duiker, Blue Duiker, Bush Buck, Suni, Common Duiker, Orabi and a Reed Buck we had a blast.

I am happy to recommend Gavin and his team to any potential hunting opportunities.