During June 2023 I was fortunate to be able to hunt Leopards with Gavin Lipjes and his Panther Trackers in Coastal Mozambique. This was my third attempt at the elusive cat. My prior efforts were wonderful experiences with the traditional bait and blind method. Gavin’s hunt is conducted with dogs, and he is a true Professional.

Having hunted the mountains of Arizona with hounds for many years I knew the excitement of the dogs opening on a hot track. This was to be no different. No bait is used, only trackers walking the semi dry riverbeds.

When a track is discovered, the tracker cuts a stick the size of the track which Gavin and the trackers then determine if it is worthy of the dogs. The dogs are then taken to the track, released and the chase is on. Running through the thick jungle at night carrying a heavy rifle is not as fun as it may sound but once the cat is treed in the tall hardwoods forest canopy, it is worth it.

The camp and staff are Africa Excellent and down time at camp is enjoyable with Castle Lite and lies flowing freely.

As this area is wild Africa at its best, there are other Trophy animals of opportunity, but the magnificent Leopard is the Prize of a lifetime.