Leopard in southern Africa

Having hunted most of the traditional Southern African leopard safari countries for the past two decades, we can say without reservation that across all the criteria, what we offer is the most epic leopard hunting adventure.

Situated on the East coast of Africa, Mozambique is a superb destination for an authentic free range African Safari. The absence of extensive infrastructure is a step back in time to the true Africa depicted in hunting literature like that of famous authors Harry Manners, Ian Nyschens and Brian Marsh, among many others. The hunting model in this area directly supports conservation by placing a value on wildlife that would ordinarily by viewed merely as a protein source.

We conduct safaris on massive wild tracks of Government designated hunting concessions, incorporating 2 main ecological varieties.

Southern Miombo woodlands

which are dominated by proud Granite Mountain formations.

Coastal evergreen forests

rich in tall native hardwood timber, open savanna and seasonal swamps.

Each ecoregion presents its own unique challenge plus ample opportunity at other endemic game species.

Camps are well constructed from a mixture of natural and fabricated materials offering to hunters all the Safari amenities while retaining the rustic experience of a remote hunting base.


Mparabanja camp is perfectly positioned on the LUANGA GRANDE river within the well managed LUIA safari area, 800 000 acres of prime leopard habitat seasonally deliver fine quality trophies and memorable hunting activities.

Southern Greater Kudu, Livingstone Eland, Johnston’s Impala, Chobe Bushbuck, Sharpes Grysbok, Lichtenstein Hartebeest and Yellow Baboon are unique additions to a 14-day safari.

Muanza camp

Muanza camp is positioned within the coastal CHINIZUIA forest ecosystem just 70km West of the Indian Ocean, and 75km Southwest of the Zambezi delta.

240 000 acres of dense forest provide cover to a unique golden coated leopard that frequents the numerous non-perennial riverine habitats.

Buffalo, Sable plus 6 of the tiny 10 antelope species are an almost guaranteed triumph during a 14-day hunting period.


Capoche camp serves as our fly camp when accessing the historic TETENSE safari area. Positioned on the North shore of the mighty Zambezi River where she fills the Cahorra Bassa lake, these 500 000 acres of prime leopard habitat also present ample opportunity for Spotted Hyena and Nile Crocodile in true wilderness setting.