The two most important days in your life are the day you are born… and the day you find out why.

Among the formidable creatures of the African wild, none test the mettle of hunters quite like the elusive Leopard. Often regarded as the pinnacle trophy, this stealthy feline has left many a traveler without success, only fueling their determination to conquer Africa’s silent killer. 

Enter PANTHER TRACKERS, a venture founded by the seasoned Houndsman Gavin Lipjes, whose extensive experience spans the vast Southern range of the leopard, from the East coast of Mozambique to the West coast of Namibia.

The very name Panther Trackers is a nod to the leopard’s taxonomical label, Panthera Pardus, and our specialization lies in the art of tracking these rosetted big cats.

Mastery in leopard hunting is a nuanced skill, honed through exposure to diverse leopard ecologies in various habitats. It’s about adopting the mindset of a big cat—a blend of accumulated tracking experience, methodological successes, and occasional setbacks. Combine this with an unwavering passion for hunting these elusive felines, and you have a professional dedicated to achieving the highest level of competence.

At PANTHER TRACKERS, we offer a singular, all-inclusive rate—no additional charges for the expertise of our Houndsman.

There are two standard methods we employ for hunting leopards: Bait & Blind and Scent Hounds. Each method has its unique benefits, and we tailor our approach to the requirements, aspirations, and abilities of the Sport Hunter.

Bait & Blind hunting appeals to those who relish the reactive style of ambush and attack. Effectiveness in this style hinges on a deep understanding of leopard activity concentrations and local habitat preferences. Patience, experience, and unwavering confidence set the stage for the traveling hunter to claim an aged male rosetted cat.

On the other hand, hunting with hounds is a proactive pursuit of these elusive cats—our preferred method. This traditional approach involves intense tracking and an in-depth knowledge of leopard ecology. We immerse ourselves in the leopard’s world, relying on our interpretation of their behavior, coupled with the skill of our canine team. Our sights are set on harvesting the most aged male big cat within the 14-day hunting period. With PANTHER TRACKERS, the journey to conquer the elusive leopard becomes an immersive and unforgettable experience