The two most important days in your life are the day you are born… and the day you find out why.

Of all the dangerous African game, the Leopard most regularly checks its reputation for being the utmost elusive trophy to acquire. Many travelling hunters have been skunked by the big cat, often resulting in a more determined resolve to successfully harvest Africa’s silent killer.

PANTHER TRACKERS was founded by Gavin Lipjes, a veteran Houndsman whom has hunted Leopard across a vast portion of its Southern range, from East coast Mozambique transversely to West coast Namibia.

The name Panther Trackers is derived from the taxonomical label for the leopard – Panthera Pardus, and Tracking these rosetted big cats is our core competency.

Expertise in leopard hunting is a developed skillset attained through diverse exposure to leopard ecology in varied habitats. Learning to think like a big cat is a combination of cumulative tracking plus methodology success and failure. When this is bound with a dogged passion for hunting these elusive felines, the result is a professional determined to achieve the maximum competence.

Two standard methods of hunting the leopard include Bait & Blind and Scent Hounds. Each have their benefits and we utilize the method most suited to the Sport Hunters’ requirements, aspirations, and abilities.

When hunting with PANTHER TRACKERS there is ONE set rate – no additional Houndsman charges.

Hunting leopard over bait attracts the hunter who enjoys the reactive style of ambush and attack. This style is most effective when coupled with a seasoned knowledge of leopard activity concentrations and local habitat preference. Combining patience, experience, and resolute confidence will set the stage for the travelling hunter to claim an aged male rosetted cat.

Hunting leopard over hounds is a proactive form of pursuing these elusive cats. Our preferred method of hunting, this traditional style involves intense tracking and an in-depth knowledge of leopard ecology. We immerse ourselves in the world of the leopard, trusting our interpretation of leopard behaviour, incorporating the skill of our canine team, with sights set on harvesting the most aged male big cat in the 14-day hunting period.