Welcome to the PANTHER TRACKERS portal to pure leopard hunting adventure!

Having hunted most of the traditional Southern African leopard safari countries for the past two decades, we can say without reservation that across all the criteria, what we offer is the most epic leopard hunting quest.

Situated on the East coast of Southern Africa – Mozambique is a wonderful destination for a true Old Africa adventure. Incorporating both the Capoche and Chipera concessions, the TETENSE safari area is completely unfenced and game coexists with subsistence living villagers all sharing an expansive 500 000 acre section of African wilderness.

TCHUMA TCHATO is one of the first community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) programmes established in Mozambique. It started in 1994 in a remote area of about 200 000 ha on the Southern side of the Zambezi River in Tete Province, close to the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It now incorporates almost the entire surrounds of Lake Cahorra Bassa – a total area of several hundreds of thousands of hectares.

The TCHUMA TCHATO hunting model directly supports conservation by placing a value on wildlife that would ordinarily by viewed merely as a protein source or black-market commodity.


Two established camps are strategically positioned to access the majority of the hunt territory.
Leopard camp (Capoche) is centrally based in prime leopard habitat, while the Lake camp (Chipera) is located right on the North shore of lake Cahorra Bassa – a Tiger fishing MECCA!

Lake Camp -15.498642, 32.351796

Leopard Camp -15.144184, 32.707442

Expertise in leopard hunting is a developed skillset attained through diverse exposure to leopard ecology in varied habitats. Learning to think like a big cat is a combination of cumulative tracking plus methodology success and failure. When this is bound with a dogged passion for hunting these elusive felines, the result is a professional determined to achieve the maximum competence.

Hunting leopard over hounds is a proactive form of pursuing these elusive cats, and a sound conservation option as we can execute specific harvest selection. Our preferred method of hunting, this traditional style involves intense tracking and an in- depth knowledge of leopard ecology. We immerse ourselves in the world of the leopard, trusting our interpretation of leopard behaviour, incorporating the skill of our canine team, with sights set on harvesting the most aged male big cat in the 14-day hunting period.

So how can you be a part of the team?

As you are already familiar with the multiple tasks of handling a keen pack of hounds, knowledge of the associated duties is not news to you. This makes you a beneficial addition to our team. As such, we extend an offer to you to VOLUNTEER to our hunting crew for a 14-day stint assisting with the daily duties of running our expert pack of hounds on both Trophy harvest, and Biopsy darting hunts.

You will be exposed to REAL Africa in her untamed majesty where interaction with genuine subsistence living locals is common, contribution to conservation is direct, and a temporary immersion in African culture is promised.

Our prime focus is tracking, trailing, and treeing the African leopard.

To achieve this, we must daily scan ample kilometres of dirt tracks, traverse miles of dry riverbeds and inspect key mountain habitat to discover the fresh spoor of aged male leopard. The concentrated intensity of this single purpose will reveal the world of this rosetted big cat to which no other hunting style can compare. Living on the tracks of this elusive cat is a window into his mystical existence.

Experience the thrill of directing the hound pack to success, then soak in the reciting of each day’s adventure around the glowing evening campfire.

We actively focus on tagging the Leopard, however other duties include camp assistance, contribution to driving, hound care, socialization and feeding plus adding personality and enthusiasm to tough conditions.

Don’t fret, it is not all work without play! from our Lake camp access to some of Africa’s epic Tiger fishing is as simple as launching the boat.

To Volunteer your time to PANTHER TRACKERS, some basic costs are required to be met.

A 14 dayVolunteering adventure will cost

$ 4 450

all inclusive.


14 days full board: USA $200/day
TETENSE contribution: USA $700
Community contribution: USA $350
Return road transfer TETE International airport: USA $600